Dancers and Eating Disorders – Warning Signs and Helpful Resources by Dawn Smith-Theodore July 10, 2019 11:25

Dancers and Eating Disorders by Dawn Smith-Theodore

When you suffer from an eating disorder, you live with the mantra, never enough. Whether it’s the number on the scale that could always be lower, or feeling as though you can never get enough food when binging, or when you believe you can never exercise enough, this concept remains a familiar thread in the life of someone who suffers from an eating disorder.

There is always someone better standing next to you in the mirror—someone with a better physique or a higher extension or more perfect feet. The critical mind works overtime, and can inhibit dancers from being able to perform their best at auditions and even in class. Not all dancers develop eating disorders, but research shows that they are 20 times more likely to than the general population... [READ MORE]